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July 31, 2016 / Danii Oliver

Data Integration

Technical User Experience Capabilities

Technical Capabilities for data integration include end user experience enhancement. Making digital products more dynamic through the use of data mining from XML, JSON, CSV, MySQL databases, Social Media Feeds, APIs, RSS Feeds, Geolocation IP addresses. All of which allow dynamic data use for end user applications -leveraging real-time data, to bring to life responsive and interactive applications that utilize data based on device platforms, tags, keywords, key value pairs, regular expressions, end user behavioral algorithms and live data manipulation.
Using development languages and data storage solutions, data can be mined from various sources and homogenized into application anticipated variables. Data integration can be inward flowing, taking various sources of information to bring into one hub for use. Or outwardly streamlining to keep all data up to date in various media outlets using Social Integration, CRM and CSM tools.

There are also software available that help bring together functional data from many sources to help businesses make better decisions

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July 20, 2016 / Danii Oliver

An Immersive Discovery Experience

A look at how new technologies can enhance a brand’s web experience 
…add suck customers and viewers in. 

Something along the lines of this site would work well for a immersive experience into the a multi layer corporate suite of brands.

Not exactly the same implementation but, within the realm of scrolling to discover more, clicking to learn more based on triggers and providing a mesh between the many brands without making it feel bloated or based on a lot of boring clicking from one page to the other.

Using progressive web technologies such as geolocation, responsive design, push notifications as well as device sensors we can create brand experiences that excite end users before coming to experience that brand in the real world. In this way of creating a lasting impression technology can create memories and insight social sharing and added engagements.

June 20, 2016 / Danii Oliver

QA Humor

There was a happy QA fellow at this company a while ago.
His name is James Askew.
Google his last name and see what happens.

Zalgo text generator

It’s Not A Bug.


May 31, 2016 / Danii Oliver

Technology will lead all companies

not just those that create tech or design for tech.

May 24, 2016 / Danii Oliver

The Matrix is here and the people are waking up to it

We will all exit the game at the same time.

Life as we know it will end in 2029 or be the start of the end and completion coming in 2045… which I already saw 15 years ago.

I hear Dap’s words from the Spike Lee movie “School Daze” yelling “wake up” when I look at theses images.
t’s only a matter of time. Ray Kurzweil speaks of spiritual machines, Quantum Computing is nearly spiritual in it’s ability to cross physical barriers. Human quests in life have been about spiritual awareness. Working together has been the most difficult task but marketing technology is making it so possible. From apps to software to a universal translator to telepathy via computer & brain hook ups. Human connectivity via transparency and trust are the future we need to be aware of. The future we need to prepare for.

Yes there are “Stacks” suites of applications and tools that we use in categorical ways to accomplish different tasks. But what happens when we build the perfect program that can access any data in any method when computer interaction is faster than human speech? What will we have?

There are two paradigms existing presently. One paradigm of thinkers and innovators are trying to bring all of this together into a singularity, the proverbial black hole that many are afraid of. Then there are the those who want to keep it separate and and profit from it. The later knows what is coming but fears it so it attempts to retard progress. Not everyone wants to leave the game until they have had their taste of reaching the top. But the masses are yearning too much for transparency and trust.

What will build trust? Knowledge. What will build Knowledge? Transparency. What will build Transparency? Better information systems.
But who has the RIGHT system? No one system is right or wrong. Systems can only be appropriate. What is the task, input data, get back data in a relevant manner. We can not be racial, prejudice or partial to one or the other. The truth is they are all the same. It is just that we have only been looking at solving one problem and creating solutions to the one problem.

Lets look at the food & drug industry. In these industries we have many micro solutions to small problems that are all interrelated. This pocket of scientists are looking at disease, the other nourishment, the other taste, the other convince. The point is we can not be disease free, nourished experience great taste and not be inconvenienced by the need to eat separate from each other. A Consuming a convince food item for taste alone will never quench thirst. A body that is thirsty will never be nourished. And a malnourished body will never be disease free. We have fragmented the human experience way too much. We must start to look at how we can bring it all back together.

To do so we use stacks of marketing technologies that speak to and serve different audiences. What does this mean? It means we remain open and stop being filled with fear. It means we learn to trust each other. We trust event when we don’t understand. No one is here to hurt the other. We all NEED each other to reach our personal goals and the goals of our business which are the goals of our clients. Marketing technology is what each professional is. A tool that solves a problem for one area. Who takes the lead can and will change but each still must work together in a meaningful way.


When choosing a marketing technology we have to pick what we can work with and know if it will take us in the direction we want to go. For instance lets look at email solutions.

Mailchimp is free up to 2000 users for self service use to simply send hundreds of emails based on templates pre-designed for ease of use to a small audience that may or may not be segmented.
Constant Contact is not free at all, contains action drivers to aid in conversions to sales and coaches to help a user along the way.
Silver Pop is a multi-million user engagement platform that does not simply send emails but automates the process of sending emails based on predetermined user behaviors and ranked engagement to smartly choose when to move a user alone a nurturing path to sales with minimal human tracking that is near to impossible to do. Siliver Pop is for a company handling it’s own internal dedicated marketing. Or an agency that is the agency of record for large companies and focused on specific long term marketing goal and conversion. This is not for one time use or disposable email marketing.

Why can’t they just do it all? Why can’t there be one… well we are getting there as consumers are graduated to higher levels of understanding and comfortably. Larger companies are acquiring and integrating smaller services while others remain positioned in a tiered structure to allow the masses to move as far as they want and stop. It is about about giving users/consumers what they want when they want as they need it best.

What do consumers want and when do they want it.

How do we give to customers in real time?

Tasker & Uber are giving customers what they need by creating transparency through the use and tracking of all available technologies and monitoring them to ensure quality.
NYC. gov and want to do this… but will they ever achieve it? A business must CARE about consumers for marketing technologies to be successful.

April 5, 2016 / Danii Oliver

New Apps Added to Work Stack

New apps to make Waterfall workflow at agencies simple and efficient:
Nimbus – Browser extension to capture screen shots of browser content.
Firesizer – Browser ( fire fox only ) content re-sizer for desktop and mobile makes working with Nimbus to capture screen shots of pages for both mobile and desktop seamless. (right click the size on “the addon bar” in fire fox to edit size)
TinyJPG – update to TinyPNG now allows compression of .png and .jpg files.
Character Code – find codes for special characters, arrows and other for html design needs without hacks or images.
Diff Checker – Check the difference between two files without version control
Grid Calculator or Gridpak – Designing  within the Bootstrap/Foundation Col-Grid format for seamless design to development translation.  Various standard size layout available here.

Bootstrap grid basics for designers



Oh and I officially need 3 screens!

Screen 1:

Screen 2:
Skype or IM

Screen 3:
Word for Copy
Photoshop/Illustrator for Art/Design ( would need full screen when designing)

December 4, 2015 / Danii Oliver

Working with HTML5 Banner Ads

Whether a HTML 5 build or a SWIFFY export if your banner ads are to eventually be served from double click ( most are even when using a 3rd party vendor ) you need to have a few basic lines of code in order for the ads to not throw errors.


<meta name=”ad.size” content=”width=300,height=250″>

var clickTag = “”;

linkToCTA = function(e) {
try {
} catch (err) {, “_blank”);

<a id=”btn_cta” href=”;void(0)”></a>

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