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January 18, 2010 / Danii Oliver

MySQL Heart Attack

Hi there, Im still alive, Just saved myself from a heart attack. (wipe brow)

What happen?

I started learning SQL to work with MySQL to build a database to work wit Flash. I couldn’t do it on my work computer because we aren’t allowed to install anything let alone a local server.  So, I decide to work on my own machine. Things were going go until the reason you are here on this site now, I BROKE MY WORDPRESS SERVER.

What you will need to fix it

The MAMP.dmg file you can download here.

Your Site backed up I suggest an OCD method of external hard drive, remote server and an archived file on your machine.

The WordPress main files folder with the old config.php deleted.

This is what I did to get it back. Because I had messed with the passwords in MySQL creating users admin and web which where different from the root backed up my database for my site and my root site that was located in htdocs.

From there I deleted the whole MAMP application. Restarted my machine “Silvester” is his name and reinstalled MAMP.

From there install your files back in htdocs, open the start site on the MAMP dashboard go to myPhPAdmin and add a database named the same as your root folder in htdocs. Go to the http://localhost/rootfoldernamehere/folderforWordPress/wp-admin and follow the directions.

Your database is the name you just gave it which is also your root folder user name root password root and then click to continue, leave localhost and wp- as is.

Copy and paste the temp password and login.

Remember to change it to something you can remember.

Then go into appearances and active your them of choice. REMEMBER to do this.

pressed visit site and saw white and freaked out.

You should be good now. If not you will have to read the long boring WordPress blog.

Happy Coding!

Danii Oliver


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