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June 4, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Day 3 of Camp

Camp today

Observing and Interacting with the African Diaspora

I wasn’t too interested at all to begin with b/c I thought to myself why would it this topic matter?
Why or How would it be different?

The beginning conversation related that what your exterior is and how it can affect how you are perceived. How others will respond to you.
In other words before anyone can go and interact with any community they need to understand how they come off because this effects “human” interaction. Basically privilege can cut off interaction with the masses either because you are viewed as an outsider, or the privilege status may obscure the interpretation of another’s experience.

I tried to avoid this area in my post graduate life because it consumed my human interactions in undergrad but now it comes up from the angle of privilege.

We (ITP Campers) are privileged to be here, to be able to have conversation, to be at NYU, to have the leisure to sit and do what we were doing today.

Major problem brought up…
How can a white, male, protestant, educated, upper middle class, heterosexual
try help the under privileged from the prospective of “outreach”?
Why does a person of privilege have to be aware of their armor of privilege?

For me the computer removes my race, but the computer gives me an armor of privilege that reduces my human interaction.

Interesting perspective on privilege and race that was brought up…
The blacks would steal from others because they have nothing but the whites are stealing too just the same except their parents have rings and jewels to steal on top of the money to keep their kids out of jail the under privileged do not.


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