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June 4, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Finding A Solution

Finding the solution.
I think I may have found it. In my brainstorming process I listed words that ment what I was trying to convey. The words that help me best to eliminate culter on my screen were White Space, Lazy, and 3D (simulated not actual).
These three words are clean, simple and slow.

In trying to find how best to intergrate them I thought up living examples. Like a lightbulb coming on the best fit was Allergy Medications. Some induce extreme lethargy and others clear your slate of symtoms so much it’s like brand new and some bring you back to life the 3D realm as opposed to the 2D horizon confinment of your bed.

On searching over the various brands I found design treatments, survey treatments, button, radio and fillin states, rollover states and white space treatments. All of which got my create competitive jucies flowing.

This is what I came upt with. The orginal script is a bit busy ( I did say create juices were flowing) but I have thought up ways to reduce the busyness after speaking it out loud. Check it out.


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