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June 6, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Web Tech 101

Allows you to inspect any live page and edit in Live mode with Javascript
Most important DOM thing to know is

Important languages
-simple and flexible slightly weird
-C-like syntax inspired by Self and Lisp
-See also EcmaScript, Dynamic-HTML (DHTML), AJAX, Comet
-Uses the DomcumetnObject Model (DOM)
-Frameworks (Protype, jQuery, Dojo, Mootools, etc abstract the DOM away

Framework that takes long javascript syntax and makes a shorthand version
$ is the short hand
will give you back –>

is better for moving things around and changing things

//********Pay Attention to this*******//

prompts and alerts are the works to interact with users and get info back from them.

Javascript links
O’reilly Rhino book
‘Mozilla’s Javascript Reference
Eloquent JavaScript tutorial
jQuery tutorials
MooTools “mootorial”

first: animated movies! on the internet
Essential for
full screen
sIFR (use an Font , consistently)
various other things (multi-fil uploads, quasi-webSockets, annoying advertising)

Not Valid
popular way to embed videos
look up the SWF object Libray or Swiff to load Flash in HTML

Not really the Flash killer
Collection of new HTML standards
<canvas> for graphics
<video> and <audio> for media H.264 Video codec verses OGG  which is open source “free”
Plus a whole lot of other stuff

//********Pay Attention to this*******//
Look up Google video open source codec

Learn WEBKIT it makes you more hirable

PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, C#
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, CakePHP, Symfony, .NET, WordPress
some people write JavaScript on the Server side.

fast and small
Quick and dirty workhorse

Ruby on Rails
more fussy, and magical
Relies on Model/view/Controller pattern
the Passenger/mod_rails project make it work nicely on the Apache web server
Good for medium-sized projects
more Enterprise-y
good for big Sites
Processing is built on top of Java

data store and Keep data and code separate
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server are relational databases RDBMS and use SQL
CouchDB and others known as “no-SQL” are gaining traction
SQL is more established, but not as simple to learn

///**********Look this up***************//
download Sequel Pro for the mac which will allow you to inspect a database as a spreadsheet

loads new content on to a page without reloading the page.

used for Chat Gmail- Facebook
also server to send to data
still mostly faking it with long polling
new standard called Web-sockets is in the work


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