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June 10, 2010 / Danii Oliver

The whole concept of interactivity

The whole concept of interactivity is extremly broad. My orginal thinking of it was related to Flash and Gaming. My understanding was that where there was once no possiblity of interacting with a screen, characters or altering a storyline and there NOW IS, this is what “Interactivity” was.

Being introduced to ITP at NYU and HCI (the phychology of Human Computer interaction) I see how broadly it can be interpreted. ITP’s approach to interactivity is actually “Interaction and Interaction Design”. This is not a new concept. Interaction is a bend of the knees falling off balance but being caught by a chair. Knowing that u are tired u would fall into a soft chair. My place in ITP would use the concept of interactivity in such a way that you could fall onto any surface and it change it’s softness to suit you. This is not what I want to do. We could always interact with chairs in that paradigm.

What I want to do I more about virtual reality. Interactive art and entertainment. Where there once was just a one way communication there can now be two.

Not many people at ITP seem to be interested in the entertaining asspect. Where they are it is about creating new sound delivering instruments or about making cool looking thing that don’t interact with u and you with it. Some people do ofcourse but it’s more about interaction design with the world around us and not making up a world with which to interact. I guess I could say I’m interested in the imaginary and make-believe.

Most ITPers are extremly interested in DATA. Data and sensors. ITP is more about engineering for interaction rather than creating new areas of intercommunication. Light up clothing, signal sending clothing, robots and minicomputer boards are everywhere in this program. They seem to be allergic to screens and digital imagry at ITP. That’s not to say it doesn’t exsist it’s just that projects are more physical and thus less support or networking is available for my ideas of interactivity.

Sufice to say if I end up in this program I will be a bit of a loner.


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