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June 16, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Mold Making

Mold making for Prototyping:

Today’s workshop was great. It was the first one that I has given back instant gratification. The reason being that we the campers were allowed to get involved in the learning process and ake something. Unfortunatelythere wasn’t enough supplies for everyone (Shame on you NYU ITP) but, everyone was able to get their hands dirty at some stage in the molding and cast making process.

We went over making a two [2] part mold with a ball and plastic clamps as the master/mother mold. We used sulfer free clay and Plaster of Paris to make the mold. We learned about needing a mold release for which we used vaseline and making registration marks and a gully for the second half to fit into well. And ofcourse we couldn’t forget making a hole to pour casing materials into.

After that we worked with an algae based molding material that is soft and gel like once dry. With this material me molded our hands for which we had to stand still for 20-30 mintues so as to not ripp the mold once it began to dry. Once dry we slowly removed our hands. Then we filled the mold with Plaster of paris. The outcome was a HiGHLY detailed replica of our hands. Veins, lines and finger prints including.

Pictures to come.

After we were demoed a casting made of liquid plastic which has a thermal reaction once it has hardened.

Next week’s class we will learn more about the world of molding and casting and try to think up what we want to mold and cast ourselves.


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