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September 14, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Paper may cover Rock but Rock is still older and stronger

Flash Designers and Deveolpers I hope your heart was Strong like mine and that you didn’t give up on our Technology

All that shit Steve Jobs spoke about bashing Flash, Not allowing jail breaks and the i4 being indestructible and scratch resistant was all BULSHIT!!! Ladies and Gentleman the man’s Job is to sell his product and most of all sell his company. What better way to sell your company than to directly hurt the sales of another big company by telling people that the free-version is better than the $1000 + version?

Come on… lets be for real. Free better and the uber-expensive, full community and engineer backed version verses freeware undocumented and rushed to market without full cross browser support. People lets be real. If Jobs had of slammed his phone on a rock at the conference I would have been sold but the rhetoric of one letter and stupid picture of a machine pulsing on the phone should not have sold you. That’s like saying IKEA furniture is going to last you forever. HAH! you damn fools. If the shit was so great you wouldn’t need an iPad nor would you buy the iPhone 5.

LOL to all you who didn’t see the genius advertising and media attention he stole. But Kudos to you Jobs for going in for your Brand and Your Company. You also helped the sales of other smart phones b/c half the Flash community ditched their iPhone in retaliation. Soon the world of iGeeks with be a world wannabes who have iPhones with no apps iPads as cups holders and non Techies who can’t figure out how to clean their registries. I love advertising it’s like being a lawyer it’s all about the rhetoric″iOS Applications and Flash Yesterday Apple announced that they have removed the restriction on 3rd-party development tools for creating applications for iOS devices. From Adobe’s perspective this is of course great news. Since the announcement, I have seen a lot of confusing new stories, tweets, and comments about what this actually means so let me clarify things a bit. What this means This theoretically allow developers to use the Flash CS5 iPhone packager to create applications for the iPhone and iPad. We also announced yesterday that we will resume development work on the packager. What this does NOT mean This does not mean that the Flash Player will be coming to iOS as part of Mobile Safari. It also doesn’t mean that AIR will be natively supported as it will be on Android. So this is great news for Flash developers who want to target iOS devices with their applications. I truly hope that quality applications built using Flash will finally be able to make it onto the app store. Only time will tell but I am cautiously optimistic.””


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