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September 27, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Flash AS3 Problem-fixes

Well I still can’t figure why the Radio Button Labels are truncating and making the last word of the label wrap when there is more than enough space for it to live on the same line. However, I have worked out the math to have the radios space based on the position of the question and the question’s height based on how many lines it is. Then for each radio after the initial its placement is based on the math of the previous’ radio position plus the numlines of the previous. All these numbers had to be stored in variables that were set at the end of printing then push to the beginning of the loop where is was then plugged back into the equation. I have a head ache thinking about it b/c my brain understood it but my eyes could not see where is was to go. What’s worse is if your eyes are in conflict with the brain then the eyes aren’t looking for typos. SMH at that.

Either way the printing has been figured out not to make it look pretty and not shift on mouse over.


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