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October 12, 2010 / Danii Oliver

My First Document Class

package{ import caurina.transitions.*; import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.filters.DropShadowFilter;
public class BackBuild extends Sprite  { public var sky:BackGround; public var sun:MidGround; public var sunglow:MidGroundAttribute; public var land:ForeGround; public var road:ForeGroundDetail; public var logo:Logo; public var help:HelpMenu; //public var popup:PopUP; public var cardloader:CardLoader; public var screen:Screen;
public function BackBuild()  { sky=new BackGround(); sky.x=0; sky.y=0; addChild(sky); //Tweener.addTween(sky,{x:0,time:5,transition:”easeIn”}); trace(“sky In”) /*==================================================*/ sun=new MidGround(); sun.x=1680; sun.y=950; addChild(sun); /*==================================================*/ sunglow=new MidGroundAttribute(); sunglow.x=1680; sunglow.y=950; //addChild(sunglow); /*==================================================*/ land=new ForeGround(); land.x=1680; land.y=950; addChild(land); /*==================================================*/ road=new ForeGroundDetail(); road.x=1680; road.y=950; addChild(road); /*==================================================*/ logo=new Logo(); logo.x=1200; logo.y=270; addChild(logo); /*==================================================*/ help=new HelpMenu(); help.x=1680; help.y=0; addChild(help); /*==================================================*/ screen=new Screen(); screen.x=565; screen.y=475; screen.alpha=.65 function init() { var dropShadow:DropShadowFilter = new DropShadowFilter(); dropShadow.distance = 15; dropShadow.angle = 132; dropShadow.color = 0x000000; dropShadow.alpha = 1; dropShadow.blurX = 35; dropShadow.blurY = 35; dropShadow.strength = 1.5; dropShadow.quality = 100; screen.filters = new Array(dropShadow); } init();    addChild(screen); /*==================================================*/ cardloader=new CardLoader(); cardloader.x=125;  cardloader.y=75; addChild(cardloader); //cardloader.loadFile(‘flipTrialHardCoded2.swf’); /*var hx:uint = help.x + help.width – 55; help.x = hx; help.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, pull);*/



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