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October 28, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Fonts in Flash

When your going between coding and layout/designing on the stage Flash and Fonts have away of not playing nice with each other.

Things to remember and concider…
There are many work arounds or hacks when you have to get a project done in a rush, thus the correct way id not always the right way. So, when your client needs to know one thing “Is it done yet?” here are some hacks and things to look at to get it visually up to speed. These especially help if you are trying to incorporate limited style changes in one textField. (i.e italic, bold-italic)

1.) create a png of what they need to see and load it in.
2.) to avoid double work or you text is not set in stone, write you xml then create a text field on the stage to load your text in. Set your Anti-Alias to “Use Device Fonts” This will strip Flash’s brain which thinks it’s smart than you but, we know it’s not and make it just render what u say.
3.) write a text loader class for yourself so you can do it correctly once then change with subclasses and have all things done rapidly.


Happy Flashing


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