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December 9, 2010 / Danii Oliver

The Topic of APIs

I am going through my works and trying to list out all the API’s I work with in order to answer this question when asked by recruiters.

This is what I realized…
Its something that I mostly just do and not think about the jargon’d name
for it.
I use External API, Zinc’s {mdm}Script 3.0 API, YouTube ActionScript 3.0
Player API, Multitouch API,
Drawing API, Tweener API, Greensock Package API and various Android APIs
to name a few.
The list is really quite endless. I reuse and use new APIs with every
project I do.

If there is a list that I could be given I would be able to tell which I know, which I can pick up in a
matter or minutes, which I don’t know and which I wouldn’t touch.

APIs are application programming interfaces that enable greater
programability within the developer best practice standards of DRY. Some
are like second nature others I have read one paragraph and implemented
entire programs while others have reference guides used as needed and
others the learning curve is so great, it may take a day or two to
implement. Suffice to say API experience doesn’t speak greatly to that of
a programer’s or designer’s competence. For one I have entered company’s
projects where they dictate what they want even when I have known others
that would work just a well. It is company and project specific.

API’s are equal to the brand of tools a builder uses to get the job done.
What matters is not the brand but knowing which tool to use and how to use
the tool. I wouldn’t use a hammer to bleed brakes nor would I use a
screwdriver to change spark plugs. It doesn’t matter if the tools I use
are Craftsman, Stanley or Kobalt.


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