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December 20, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Old Web Designer/Developers

I read “this” Post the other day, while going in the 12th hour at the office on a Sunday. I could really sympathize. Something this blogger said that really struck me though, he said “… I have never seen old web developers…” LMAO me either. After being wowed that the stress and timeline of the job could kill me at a young age I stopped to rationalize this statement… First given the young age of designed and richly developed web is it possible to have young developers? And then I thought about the old (older) people I have worked with. Yes the majority of us are young and becoming millionaires whilst we are still having our mothers do our laundry but there are older developers out there. They are the people out there who like Steve Jobs, are so scared of Flash they are trying to say it will die out to the far simpler not as attractive HMTL 5. Ha nice try old men!


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