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December 30, 2010 / Danii Oliver

Mac vs Windows PC

So I bought a MacBook Pro this year. I have been needing on for many years as I am a designer/developer. The screen resolution, ease of use, terminals, the OS and lack of viruses and ease of data retrieval were key factors. When Apple final put Intels in the machines my dream of an Alienware device were over. All I had to wait for was the inclusion of the idrives and it was a wrap.
The summer came and idrives were in the desktops i knew the macbook inclusion wouldn’t be far behind. And it came! And I pulled out my wallet and handed it over to Steve Jobs gleefully blinded!
Now payments well underway I am pissed and I want my money back!

  1. Internet explorer can no longer be downloaded onto macs. Not that I want it but 85% of the damn population uses that funky browser which means I have to hack for it but, I can’t test on my machine.
  2. I am developing for Android now and my device wont sync and there is no support for the device on macs
  3. New Adobe releases are working hand in hand with windows platforms not macs
  4. Oh and MAYA works best on Windows.

So the bottom line is Apple finally comes out with a decent machine that wont choke on Flash but bashes it to the world and now all the major players in the game have backed away from Apple like it’s a Fucking Go’ahuld parasite and they don’t want to catch Apple’s rotten apple worm disease.
Developers FYI if you are looking to buy a new device go Alienware. Half the price and more of the punch. MAC’s are over rated.


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