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January 11, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Clear Goals to meet

“Assessment on the following criteria: innovation in technology or business model; value, delivered in lower costs, increased sales, higher productivity, or improved customer loyalty; and enterprise readiness, meaning a product that scales and is ready for deployment. What follows is the full Startup 50 list, along with profiles of five companies from the list that represent the innovative ways these startups solve critical IT problems, cut costs, and improve operations.
To be considered, the newbies could be no more than 5 years old” –

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No Excuses!

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Executive Summary/Pitch/What we do in a nut shell
Damn Digital Studio is to be a full service digital agency that is outsourced for ad agencies’ and advertisers’ digital needs. We are support Agencies that don’t have the expertise or man power to produce full scale web and digital solutions and providing full service to our direct clients.
Digital Agency outsourced for Ad Agencies’ digital needs. We support Agencies that don’t have what they need to produce full scale web and digital solutions.

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Our Social Mission::
I believe that it is important to give those not yet in the work force an
opportunity to exercise their talents as well as put their theories and
idea into practice in order to build confidence and be social productive
members of society.


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