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January 13, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Google Car aka Auto-Pilot

That’s right the future is here! Google has been in development of a self driving car. How awesome! I have long dreamed day dreamed planned, plotted and ranted about the need for a self driving car. Even if it just for driving straight on the highway. I use to have to drive 2 and 5 hours to and from school in Philly or work in D.C. every weekend. Sure I could take the bus but that was not comfortable and I still needed my car to get around in each state. All I really wanted to do was sit back and read, write or watch a flick. I never really want to take my eye off the road but some assistance would be nice. The Google car can do that.

Not only can the Google car help with long distance fatigue it can most defiantly reduce the incidents of accidents. Too many mornings and afternoons people are getting into accidents because they can’t see from sun glare. A self driving car assistant can greatly reduce these casualties. Another driving faux pas that can be avoided are the accidents caused by people who are scared to drive. You know the Sunday drivers who are afraid of the highway so they drive 40mph in the fast lane. The Google car can not only help fend off the accidents but the road rage that ensues from it.

Google has not set a release date for the software hardware combo yet if at all. That comes as no surprise. The print industry is already in shambles because Web is taking over at an alarmingly fast pace. If Google released the car now or anytime soon the entire auto-mechanical accident and repair industry would crash. Albeit that that is not an industry that would effect wall street it does account for a great number of middle class workers and self owned businesses. If Google were too release the car they would be in for more that a beating as they may be looked down upon and demonized for creating yet another economic crash.

All I can say is older generation beware if your not in Tech industries now your job is in jeopardy even after the economy balances out, because another wave is on its way.
In the mean time I am greatly saddened that I can’t get my hands or butt into one of those cars.
–Danii Oliver


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