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January 18, 2011 / Danii Oliver


No one can stress enough just how important responsibility is. How important it is to have more than just a sense of it. Mothers and Fathers tell their children of it night and day. Some give it to them other take it from them. There is no greater sadness than when a parent puts responsibility on a child and there is no greater tragedy when they do not.

I have been an adult my whole life. From 1st grade I had to teach myself sentence structure. Do my homework alone. My parents were there yes but I could and did do it on my own. I don’t remember going with the flow nor making a decision that I didn’t first think about. Even the bad decision I made knowingly because I was trying to learn something about the world and that outcome was studied in depth.

Today I am the same way. I now find myself disturbed though because I seem to be the only one still thinking this way, still taking on responsibility with pride and honor while others shun it. I work with people who say they want to get ahead yet they are confused. They don’t know up from down and are content with it.

I have formed a team of persons who have made up in their minds that they want to move forward and have taking the responsibility to do so. People who don’t complain about doing so called “extra work”. This team differs from others in that so many times I run into people who if it’s not in their job responsiblity don’t want to do it; if it needs to be done after coming home from the job the hate they won’t do it. My team is different.

This “Damn Team” is focus and driven by their passions. Each member’s responsibility lays in perfecting their craft and presenting it to the world. They would rather sit in the office on Saturdays training, reading, practicing, working and achieving goals than succumb to the idea of being mediocre and spend their life doing tasks they hate.

This “Damn Team” is a team, trained from high school through college and through out their work life experiences to work as a team unit. They bounce ideas off one another, test market their theories and call in the middle of the night when the light bulb goes off to get feedback. I think my team members are made of caffeine and muse. Their sense of responsibility is strong and they understand that if they can’t manage their responsibilities and help pick up slack the team would fail.

This “Damn Team” is responsible and passionate. I believe the two go hand in hand.


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