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January 27, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Passion turned Stoic

Life’s Work

What I fought against my whole life now comes to me with a blazing force. I must humble myself or be
humbled by the fact that my passion, my art is no longer my own. I must now learn to see with stoic
eyes, the world that I have chosen to live this life out in. I can no longer defend my art opinions or
ideas as they must now be submitted to the group pool as a smaller potential piece to a larger puzzle.

Life is a well spring of many people’s ideas, emotions and reactions to what they perceive as real and
important. Some take their reactions to the extreme cause themselves and other people more grief and
disappear than if it had been left alone. I have tried to see above those intense moments avoiding what
main-streamers may call “drama”. However, there have been times when I myself have allowed thoughts
form when I could not find logic or reason in others’ actions or words.

I have come to see its not always about having an explanation. There are times when nothing said does
far less harm than ill formed words. Not knowing is better than presumption on the basis of emotion,
opinion, or bias. We all see from a small perspective with tainted glasses. There is no absolute thus,
rather than burden myself with sustained passions logos will guide my designs and decisions.


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