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February 1, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Galaxy Tab

So I went to the store to today because my reading material and turn around time has not reduced since college. I am annoyed at carrying large books around or trying to resize PDFs on my phone. Thus, I need a tablet.

I have been waiting for these things since I was little now finally they are available. I needed something that I can read on but if I’m going to pay an arm and a leg for should be able to present on as well. Given that I am mainly a Flash designer/animator/developer something that shows flash is preferred. This necessity make the apple iPad option null. So I jumped toward the Galaxy tab.

The Galaxy Tab was priced ok and sized well enough to fit in one hand without worry. This was a plus. It also has Flash and AIR capabilities as it runs Android. Another plus. So I decided to test it out. Boy was I disappointed.

Before even worrying about speed and functionality I tested the galaxy tab’s abilities with Flash. I went to my portfolio site to see how it showed. I was not impressed. The Galaxy tab seemed to glitch or crash.

I would never bash a company for trying it’s best to work hard against tyranny much like Apple’s rejection of Flash support. But this company barely looked like it tried. The site pretty much crashed during loading or during interaction. It didn’t render all of the site when it stop user interaction greatly.

On top of the poor Flash quality the resolution was that of PC to MAC. It was very bad. The resolution on the iPhone 4 was better and it was only a quarter it’s size.

I couldn’t buy it it was incapable of showing Flash without a hitch and doesn’t support expected quality in it’s features. Plus new devices come out every year. I’d be better off waiting for the upgraded version. Shoot my Droid 2 phone was better the the Galaxy Tab.

To top it all off I later found out the the Galaxy Tab has a high rate of returns. I am sorry to learn this as I am hoping for great leaps in technology but , there is no excuse for bad execution.

Tech companies of the world, are you guys give Apple the good foot on purpose? Cuz you all are slacking badly!


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