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February 7, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Managing Creatives

So my position as a designer/developer has grown from not just being a producer but, also a manager.
This is great it means that the long hours I spend staying up to date, learning new skills and keeping my current skills fresh is not time spent in vain. But as the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility. That responsibility, I am willing to take on, that’s no problem it is stressful but doable. What I don’t have yet is the skill to motivate to action.

Many people throughout my life have listened intently to my case, arguments and instructions. Many have watched, asked questions and felt inspired. Though I beg to differ on the inspired part. Though the feeling might be there I need to learn how to help turn those feelings into actions. I am tired of pushing and pulling and coxing people to do what they have to do to get where they want to be. Why are people not inspired? Is this just part of the job of being a manager? It kinda feels like baby sitting. This can’t just be the case for younger people because I have worked with both young and old. All age ranges seem to have the same level of disinterest in self motivation.

Maybe that is the role of a manager to make sure their team stays inspired and does what they are suppose to do. It’s funny though because I listen to people complain everyday about how much they need and how things aren’t well with the job industry. Then when approached those same people are no where to be found. In my line of work one need only stay current, be willing to learn, and be self motivated to do more than asked or needed in order to achieve at task. This is an industry of growth and innovation, problem solving and trendsetting. To get in all you need do is have a great portfolio, know your stuff and ask questions to learn more. Yet and still some seem to fall short.

I am troubled at this point in time because I do not know if such people should be left alone or if energy should be spent still. I don’t want to be one of those managers who don’t care about their employees or who play them for fools but, it might not be wise to spend time and money on people who don’t really want motivation. So I will say this. To who want to be in this industry come forth and show yourself so that you may shine. All others if you can’t come correct, don’t come at all. Retail maybe your best choice for employment.


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