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March 7, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Producing my 1st Commerical

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Commercial Production is really no different from producing a short film. Just in an even shorter amount if time. However, that doesn’t mean you spend less time in research, brainstorming and creative conception and production. There are many working parts and aspects to consider that require the same meticulous attention that full features command.

Commercials are the most frequently produced forms of film/media. They reach viewers more frequently than movies and television episodes. In fact due to the high turn over of commercials, they are a good exercise for film makers to touch a breadth of genres and target audiences in a very measurable way because commericals are suppose to translate into sales or brand awareness.

The stories that commericals can tell have a longer lasting impression on viewers than print or banner ads. Emotionally connecting with a viewer will be my cardinal rule in my productions. I will seek to connect with my viewer’s inner most concerns when it comes introducing them to a brand or new product. Not just try to get them on flash and glam (ie. Bud-wiser putting Bud-wiser everywhere Superbowl 2011). I have this crazy idea that advertisers should speak to their customers like they’re best friends telling a secret. I will test my theory.


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