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March 22, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Flash Player 10.2 Great

But still not on iOS devices.

Well the latest Player has been released and everyone is going crazy over it.
The speed and ease of render is truly something to brag on about. The best feature of Flash Player 10.2 is hands down the CPU usage.
from 30% to mere single digits. This is truly a remarkable feat that Adobe has achieved and it puts all of Steve Jobs PR remarks last year to shame.
Now because, Flash Player 10.2 has had such remarkable reviews consumers, developers, bloggers and commenters are going crazy, they want Flash Player 10.2 on their iOS devices! Come on Apple! Why the continued stand off? The iPad is doing extremely well. It’s leading the market with trails of dust behind it. We can’t even think about another tablet because they aren’t half as optimal, useful, beautifully crafted or ground breaking and if so they priced out the wazooo (Motorola Xoom $800 vs. iPad $600 no contracts).
Even if we consider buying another we all know, Apple, that you guys will be coming out with something lighter, faster, and more useful next year. So I ask again, Why not let Flash Player 10.2 roll-out on to the iPad/iPhone/iTouch devices? People are starting to get mad with Adobe as if it’s their fault.
Besides all us Developers already know that we can develop apps for Apple in Flash and that a few iOS exclusive e-Magazines are built on AIR (Wired, Martha Stewart, and New Yorker magazine). So the gig is up, Adobe has proven itself to you, stepped up to your challenge and Flash Player 10.2 passes the test. Let the tyranny end or come this summer all of us in the swing on which tablet to get, will be getting a Xoom or RIM Blackberry Playbook.


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