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July 7, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Flex Experience

As an Interactive Developer

Recently I have been asked about my “Flex” experience. Interestingly some believe it is something different from Flash. Many don’t know that they are basically the same thing just with UI tweaks for designers and UI tweaks for developers. In the end Flash, Flex or Catalyst you will end up with the same result, a SWF file full of rich content.

Further explanation:

I work within the entire Flash and Flex suite including Flash Catalyst which is an intermediary between Design and Development. The main feature of Flex that is important is ActionScript 3. That is the coding language that Flex & Flash programs are built in. I have 4 years experience with this 5 year old language. Another thing to know about Flex is that it makes Flash projects 10x faster to develop.
Flex is the WYSIWG software of Flash. They produce the same results. Its just that in the Flex IDE some find it faster to produce in a much more OOP and developer friendly method.
My experience with Flash and Flex are the same. I write ActionScript 3, MXML and XML.
Most people know what what “Flash” is and are thrown off by the term Flex. They are the same. What is important is the language and the framework used to develop the program.
My experience with PHP is mainly in development with Flash/Flex programs.
In 2010, I developed a Flash/Flex survey for WPP’s Millward Brown Corp that received XML data from the database via PHP and GET requests and eventually sent user input information back to the database with POST requests. I also developed and managed a three man team to design and develop a smart presentation using Flex and Flash for a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson earlier in 2011.


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