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August 9, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Corporate Take Over by a lazy man

Today, the most uneasy conversation too place in my office that really made me re-evaluate the entire status quo of agency life and come to a great understanding and appreciation for the system.

I respect the order of the agency. I respect the experience and exposure that comes from spending time at every level providing some contribution. When I spent my time in other agencies I wanted nothing more that the opportunity to contribute & be a part of the team. To this day I still want that; to get in where I fit in and make a contribution.

A person I had invited into my studio to work on their passion and build themselves up professionally came in today to question me about my business dealings. They proceeded to demand a cut of consultation fees for which their expertise was not valid and demanded to be put on salary. This person has barely taken and of my small advice as an investor/stakeholder in their career nor have they made a major contribution. Not to mention, it took them 3 months to complete a 6 hour task. They have added little if any value to the company.

This person was given keys and 24 hour access to the studio RENT FREE and today demanded to know where my money goes. To top it all off they demanded to co-supervise my work. It was on thing to question my business affairs another to try to be my boss in my company with no significant contribution. I should mention this was brought on by the introduction of a potential client, however, I meet new people and companies all the time. That doesn’t give an acting account manager, who’s hardly around and takes forever to complete a task, the grounds to ask for partner status off one introduction.

To be a part of an agency is a challenge. It is an opportunity that not everyone gets. Being a part of something requires time, dedication and valuable contributions. I dear not try to take over anyone’s operations I am alarmed that someone would try to take over mine without even offering a contribution. But that’s business, Right?


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