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August 10, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Lazy Man tries to take over but doesn’t show up

A day after I was demanded by one of my mentees to be supervised by him, the party requesting such demands was nowhere to be found. I find this interesting to say the least that a person would walk through someone else’s doors lay down demands then not even show up the next day or email to hear the response to their damands.

In running a business ladies and gents I have come to see that you will meet many characters along the way. Do not fret with them for they will deal with themselves in their own way and they will make their own path. If it is within the company so be it, if not… so be it as well.

My mother always taught me “Don’t chase people who don’t chase you” and “Be your own person.” Meaning don’t worry with people they will make up their own minds. They will come and go but, you should remain the same tried and true.


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