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August 11, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Agency Career Cycle

In 2011 it is time to separate from your boss and id opportunities for your career.
The traditional career path with in creative and ad agencies has been…
Entry 1-2 years, Senior Designer 2-5 years, Art Director 5-8 years, Creative Director 10 years then maybe Partner Principal.

In the traditional teaching this was the path. Today it is more of a cycle. The cycle of today’s careers rely on two main phases and two smaller patterns. There’s the Technical Development phase which is a time of deep focus ranging 8-12 months. This is the time to master a new craft and develop deep domain knowledge. Then there’s the Career Development phase which involves meeting with people for 3-6 months expanding your network, working on your soft skills and selling yourself.

The patterns that persist involve research then having ideas and executing them along the way.

This cycle if embraced you will be well on your way to developing a healthy career for yourself. One that is fueled by your personal progress and not by a system them only looks at time pasted. If you are looking for more fulfillment take it into your own hands and out of the hands of a boss, system or time.


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