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August 22, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Oliver Garage


Oliver Garage a seven layer garage for the residents of Brooklyn neighborhoods

The Olivarage is a business venture I had an idea about. Basically parking in Brooklyn, New York sucks. We have alternate side parking at all the wrong times and there’s never enough street parking because for every house and parking spot there are at least 3 cars this 1:3 ratio has become a great problem. My solution is to gut an abandon building in every neighborhood and create layered parking garages.

The garages will ease the congestion of traffic that street parking causes. It will also provide jobs to the neighborhood unemployed as security agents and maintenance staff. These Olivarages will also clear the streets for easier street cleaning.

When you think of the benefits of the garages and the issue of street parking anyone would say it’s a reasonable idea. However there are nah sayers out there who would complain and not want to to pay for parking. Well I have a solution for that. Yes, the garages would be paid parking but the rates would be dirt cheap. The same cost as get a ticket for not moving the car for alternate side parking for monthly rates and the same as metered parking on the street. These rates are not pocket busters. They are a reasonable rate for such a great service.

Brooklyn needs this kind of help. We are over crowded and congested. These factors effect of air quality, health, jobs and home life. Brooklynites spend 2 hours every morning not being productive sitting in their cars waiting for alternate side to end. This is time they could be at work, being productive and making Brooklyn better. But, instead of addressing this problem has been adding islands to the streets taking up space and not expanding the highway system.

We have poor city planners who are not addressing the needs of the people and I entent to do something about it through business. The Olivarages are the first step.


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