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August 25, 2011 / Danii Oliver

How to break into an industry of choice?

How to break into an industry of choice?

Things you can do and the things you need to remember.

The best thing is to intern, read and keep up on the industry you are focusing in. The information you take in and put out into the world is your calling card. Blogs and Twitter are a great way to do that. I wouldn’t suggest any books until you know what area you wanted to focus on, as books become out dated very quickly today.

Once you’ve found a niche then read and network in that area hard body. You can never know everything and you can never know enough. You should do your best to collect references both persons and information sources to refer to in time of need. It is mainly important to have confidence in your area and a level of passion that can translate to expertise.

Breaking into an industry is not getting a job. You can’t apply, interview show up and go home. You must be a part of it. Attend events related to the industry and become known to some extent. If others no matter what level of the industry don’t recognize you by name you need to work to change that.


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