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August 26, 2011 / Danii Oliver

ActionScript 3.0 – Flash Code Snippet

package  { import flash.display.Sprite; public class Try extends Sprite{ public function Try() { var square:Sprite = new Sprite(); addChild(square);;,0,40,40,10);; square.alpha = 1; drawShape(square); } private function drawShape(sprite:Sprite):void{,0xFFFFFF);;,20);,5);,15); //,100); //,0);; } } }

Experience level:

– Deep understanding of the Flash platform with 4+ years of ActionScript experience – Experience developing client/server applications with ReST backends – Flex experience – Knowledge of common design patterns, including MVC – Experience with a frameworks such as PureMVC or Robotlegs – Experience with Forms-based UI development – Thorough knowledge of component life cycle from the different phases of creation, skinning, measurement and layout – Knowledge of Flash performance tuning techniques a plus – Flash video experience – Experience with large scale consumer facing web sites (Macy’ – Experience with traditional client-side web technologies (JavaScript, AJAX, HTML, XML)  – BS in Graphic Communications concentration on Web Technologies and Internet marketing 

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