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September 21, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Dumbo Arts Festival

2011 – This year I will be participating in the Dumbo Arts Festival as an Open Studio host and an exhibiting artist.

It has been many years since I last exhibited work to the public. Oddly enough I never stopped as I have been exhibiting through commercial channels.

Avon, Dynamic Logic, Macy’, Novartis, Higher Levin, Aggrenox, and many other brands have been my subject matter over the past few years. Not all aspects of the work produced was of my soul nor sole creation. Some projects I only designed while others I only developed. At the end of the day though I had a hand in the creation of these very public and commercial works they were not expression driven. There were messages to be conveyed and I did just that.

My participation in the Dumbo Arts Festival will be more than just my manifestation of the requests of my clients. It will be an aesthetic journey of thought and transition from Traditional Media to Digital Media. Analog to Digital has been a journey that has reshaped lives, talents, hobbies and some’s usefulness.  It was difficult at first to put down my paint brushes in place of a Wacom, bamboo tablet, but I made the journey and lived to tell the story as a Commercial Designer, Interactive Developer and still an Artist.

The works on display will start with traditional Oil on wood panels flowing to Photography and print works then jumping in to video displays and experimentations with light, color and sound. My colleague MissNommer will be displaying “Mirrors” and her “Eggs” series while The Clark Kents will be showcasing their creative and commercial audio productions. We all have transitioned from traditional to digital there may have been emotional resistance but never creative nor explorative resistance.

Curiosity got us far. Come see for yourself how deep we got. Open Studio “The Digital Zone” at Damn Digital Studio, 45 Main Street, suite 410 during the Dumbo Arts Festival, September 23rd – 25th 2011, Noon to 8 PM

Dumbo Arts Festival Open Studio

DAMN Digital Studio, 45 Main street, suite 410

“This project is an exploration into media architecture using a mock-up of the Santralistanbul Energy Museum. This mapping project goes beyond the surface to explore the volume within demonstrating that cities, buildings and their surrounding infrastructure are not lifeless entities, but living bodies whose pulse is driven by their inhabitants.”


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