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October 7, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Business & Competition

The main difference between DAMN Digital and its competitors is our imagination and love for technology. It’s not just an opportunity for us it is a passion. We are Digital natives active members in the Digerati community. We proved support to our clients from conception to deployment which means with us you get the Tech support that most agencies like us don’t provide. We aim to be the headache reliever for companies looking to get into digital.

What I, Danii, bring to the team is understanding of new technology and what is truly possible, my natural creativity and constant concern for my client’s brand needs.
Our primary markets are advertising agencies, public relations and strategic partnerships with new media firms. Our secondary markets are direct mid-sized businesses & retailers. Within the secondary market, we will work toward building a niche in the games, toys, books, comics and cartoons industry. We realize having a niche is best as the industry possibilities are vast. However in these early phases we will not turn down other industries interested our services. Thus, our primary market being agencies who need digital work produced.

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