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October 13, 2011 / Danii Oliver

What makes a person qualified?

What defines a person? Is it their heart and attempts to explore and learn more or is it what they can prove?

Is a person better than me because they have the time or resources to explore and experiment more than I? Is a person to be judged by the privilege they enjoy in life?

Many people have had the chance to go to college many have blown it others take it as it is then a few like myself take it by the reins and define it for ourselves. We see it as an opportunity to explore, to expand and to grow. However, a college in and of it’s self can be debilitating. The bursar, registration, overrides and  tenure make it a frustration time filled with pleading and fighting to get the basics of what you need to advice through the system. And there in lays the problem, it is a system.

Systems do not allow for much movement growth nor deviation. When a person has the confines of a system they are stricken with road blocks. This does not mean they can’t strive to break out of the box and do more but, those in the position to judge should consider that if a person tries they will allows try, support that effort and you will benefit from their passion and will to not stop.

I am one of those people who find ways learn the means and gets results.


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