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November 10, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Adobe is More Aggressively Contributing to HTML5

Adobe is More Aggressively Contributing to HTML5 with Flash as the blueprint and still the dominant creation environment.

Flash is not going anywhere!

People, please STOP reaching just so that your blog can make it to twitter’s retweet stream. Adobe has simply released news that they will actively be innovating HTML5 with Flash as the blueprint. Flash will still be available from mobile devices as native apps, on mobile browsers and on desktops. What adobe has simply stated is that because HTML5 is now widely compatible with all mobile browsers it makes sense for the them to stop optimizing Flash for “mobile BROWSERS” and focus more on what makes sense for the platform.

This is very important to note because too many times over that last two years people have been stabbing at Flash like it’s not the godfather of interactivity and rich content on the web. Why do you all hate Flash so much? HTML 5 is great now lets use it where it is fitting.

HTML5 is not a stand alone.

It still requires CSS and at times Javascript to make it go much like Flash needs Actionscript and the timeline. The Mobile web is still slow and thus load times for rich content can be heavy. Since broadband and 3G we are now all spoiled and don’t want to wait for content so it makes sense to have a light faster load for mobile content. That does not mean that Flash gets thrown under the bus. We still have desktops and laptops which we sit at for hours working play and being entertained Flash will always have a place there. Besides mobile web connectivity and speeds will increase with time. People seem to forget that ten years ago we had dial-up and flash was all the rich content we had and we were happy for it. Many of us had no problem getting coffee, peeing and making dinner while we waited for aol to open up and now we have hotspots.

Stop trying to kill Flash and appreciate it for what it is, has been and where it is going!

Alejandro de la Garza had this to say yesterday

in response to an ill concived article by Kara Swisher*…

Actually, there seems to be plenty of confusion between flash player and Flash the creative software package. Flash the player is actually a free plugin that can be downloaded to any browser that supports it. Killing of the player seems to make people think that it is the end for flash..when in fact it is not. HTML5 is merely a markup language for embedding content for the web. Instead of requiring the use of the free plugin to play flash files, HTML5 introduces its own player which will do the job. Interestingly enough, people forget that the content will still be produced using Flash the software package and has to merely be exported in a native format used by HTML5 which is what is being worked on. But the software package to produce interactive content will continue to be Flash. This is because there is no other competitor that offers a robust environment for artists and designers to build interactive worlds as one can using Flash. Macromedia was the only closest competitor around and was aquired by Adobe a few years back. Oh not to mention that social gaming (another keyword that Wall Street loves) companies like Zynga depend heavily on Flash to create the content in their games. Oh did I forget that many cartoons are also created using this software package? So was Steve Jobs correct? Hardly ….until another software package with the content creation capabilities of Flash surfaces, it will still be the dominant player. Just because a free plugin is being scrapped does not mean that Flash content is dissappearing. It is just a change in the delivery container…not the content itself.
This move to enable developers and creative professionals the ability to export their content in an HTML5 friendly codec, container, etc only guarantees that Adobe technologies will remain the key components for interactivity on the web.

[ED.]Kara Swisher has an ethics code which she truly wants to follow as she cared about her reputation. However Kara has released misleading information on a respected network that sums up to yellow journalism. I implore Kara to make corrections to her article as Flash is not being killed by Adobe!


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