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November 18, 2011 / Danii Oliver

What are you really looking for in a Designer?

Why does anyone want or need a designer? To set themselves apart from everyone else. That is work. That is effort and it’s not easy to try to reach people in a simple yet powerful manner. You can’t be simple when trying to reach the masses, when trying to call their attention away from the norm!

In our most recent history what has taken our nation by storm?… Simple Helvetica block text or Vampires!? Vamps were different edgy horrible and called attention from everyone. Now their pretty, fun and normal. Why is it our tendency to normalize shit?

What works is what’s different. What works is saying what you have to say loud and proud. That’s what gets heard, the elephant in the room not the mouse in the corner and damn sure not the fly on the wall.

You want to know about me? I am an artist! I am the elephant in the room that everyone has to notice but the no one can take their eyes off of. Some might be uneasy but they too will remember me. Others will appreciate and move on but they will talk about me.

If you wan the same thing you had before then clone yourself another one. I am not a mouse nor will I be you fly. Hold up your own Damn wall.


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