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November 22, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Testing for design or development work


I must decline, as I do not agree with the testing method for an interview. Quite frankly it is an insult to a person’s ability to think and solve problems which require the understanding of given a circumstance, time to prepare and plan then if need be the ability to do research.


If , I am to be questioned on the phone and brought in for an interview I am happy to speak with clients/employers about myself and experience. I have much experience as well as an extensive portfolio from which my work can be assessed along with a degree and references.
Even still, all of that goes to show that I am capable of getting the job done and within deadline. I have the ability to figure out a problem and solve it with the best design solution or development technology & process available in my memory banks, explained to me or requested of me.
I was tested in college years ago and awarded a degree to prove my knowledge and skill set.
If my degree and portfolio of work experience are not enough to back up my CV, I am clearly not the candidate your team is looking for.


Furthermore, you may ask about my history and the work that I have done not quiz me about your team’s method of getting the job done as I would clearly not be familiar with your methods. That is not to say that I can not learn them in under a week’s time but, to say that you can not judge a person on the expectation that they are only right for the job if they know your method. A team’s method is unique to them and is a result of that teams personal and professional interactions, not a standard like HTML and CSS are.

If your company is in need of my services Design or Development, I am happy to meet the need and I guarantee your satisfaction.


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