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December 20, 2011 / Danii Oliver

Creativity & Images

It seems like no one is creative anymore…

[A conversation held between a few design & development community members]

{My take}
I think it is that it seems like no one is creative anymore, though I don’t think it’s from lack of imagination or lack of creativity. I think many designers who are actually getting seen and noticed are the ones mimicking or creating based off the style of today (the style of the most popular sites, designers or ads). Ever since the iPhone designers came up with the wet icon look every client wants that style. Think back to Napolen Dynamite when everyone went crazy for the notebook sketch look.

There are creative innovators and there are copy artists then there just the masses of people just trying to feed themselves by doing what the client or community says.

I have a style all my own but, I am nervous about showcasing it because I know what people are looking for. They may look at my portfolio and say wow this looks amazing you can do a lot then, if they don’t see what they want they will say “you have no talent”. Shoot Look at everything on there is the SAME! It’s all nice looking yes but it still looks like there was one art director leading all the designers in that community.

Many Designers are asked to take it back, tone it down, copy this or make something hideous. The owner of this site for instance thinks there is nothing wrong with it. {as site looked Dec 2011}


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