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January 18, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Basics of FMS

FMS – Flash Media Server is a media streaming service that packages files in real time and creates peer to peer realtime communication and delivers video content to ALL Devices including iOS.


-Efficient use of bandwidth (no buffering), Adaptive Streaming adaptive bitrate after bandwidth detection, Secure delivery (no cacheing on user’s computer), Seek to any area of the video which has been divided into fragments by FMS, Logging and Tracking data available for analytics and constant communication, Live onDemand streaming of one file and file type to ALL Devices with multiple delivery methods, Share video and data streams, Content Protection (Covered Later).

HTTP Streaming:



Real-Time Messaging



HLS -apple adaptive streaming Breaks file into fragments Html5 Apple native Mpg-ts packaging on the fly Lose custom realtime interactivity! IOS doesnot support flash but FMS delivers Ondemand in native file format after realtime packaging M3u8 file and TS fragments

Pros IOS only Hds or Http PHLS now available No interactivity need to build a native iOS app

HDS – flash only mpeg conversion Apples adaptive streaming and mS smooth streaming Video file is segmented into F4F fragment files and F4M manifest with data about the fragments and the order to play them Streaming over Http with the server allows for realtime packaging.

Protected http streaming – time limit on play back

Sip gateway support Multicast ingest and recording 64bit support for greater speed

Live ondemand streaming hD support Standard http connection Cheaper hosting New protected dynamic http streaming

Con Need video player logic but open source programs exist to help with this issue No later than 10.1 —-

RTMP -real-time messaging protocol Tcp based, adobe developed Two way connection between server and player For data chat video recorded or live (live encoder) bandwidth requirements persist Live video capture Server side recording Server side AS customizable Logging and admin features Realtime communication Content protection

Cons No iOs RTMP TRAFFIC sometimes blocked

Multicast Stream RTMFP -real time messaging flow protocol Peer to peer communication and multiple cast enabler -Clients connect to one another directly to share data reducing server use after server introductions -multicast fusion uses peer to peer connections & multicast fusion to balance the load on viewership. Multicast router rarely used lowering bandwidth significantly.

Can only be used on a Computers running Windows or Linux OS.

What clients need to know

Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 has a cost.
Just to reach audiences, Flash Media Streaming Server 4.5 is $995
To protect, record, have realtime communication with a limit of 500 RTMFP, Flash Media Interactive Server 4.5 is $4,500
For full features and no limits and SIP support, Flash Media Enterprise Server 4.5 is $45,000
Development with 10 limited RTMP & RTMFP can be origin to CDN or for a Kiosk where one stream is needed, Flash Media Development Server 4.5 is Free

Cloud Services with commitments available with Amazon
Monthly Rate, fast setup available with Influxis


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