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January 27, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Can’t Work an entry job if you don’t have expert experience

Serafin Vazquez, VP of Product at CBS Local said to me,  “If you haven’t done anything like what CBS Local has been doing over the last 18 months you can’t work here”. 

In times like these we think there aren’t jobs available, but in fact it’s Hiring Managers, like 15 year veterans Serafin Vazquez, who just don’t want to hire young talent or are asking for way more than possible based on what requirements they set. People like Serafin Vazquez of CBS should be ashamed of themselves for preventing a person from gaining the opportunity of a job they are perfectly suited to perform in. He just like everyone else who has made it to where they are today was given an opportunity to prove themselves on the job, but that has now changed.

Today the key to getting an entry level job is having had a job at a large firm for many years, being an expert at technologies and process without the opportunity of having been on a team or project that explored what the next job might require. It also means living up to the expectations that you are both a know it all and the king or queen of social engagement.

Our society is failing because men and women are coming out of school everyday and living jobless or under employed for years. Student loans are going unpaid, state funds are depleting from unemployment payments, banks are being bailed out and jobs are being shipped to China and India because margins are lower. This is the larger effect of the arrogance in the statement of Serafin Vazquez.

Had Serafin Vazquez actually taken the time to read the resume and do a single google search on the person he was interviewing then, spoke to them rather than answer the phone every 5 minutes during the interview, he may have been better able to come to understand what that person was capable of, how much that person knew and how dedicated that person would have been to their job and getting their work done. It is always irritating to learn that a company has a ton of work in back log that needs to get done, they have the budget to double their staff but they still won’t hire a qualified person.

I’d like to know what our president, Serafin Vazquez’s Boss, our congress people, the department of labor and Mike Bloomberg have to say about situations like this? I point out these men because they make claims of about our job problem but don’t address the problem. As a first hand victim of being interviewed dozens of times for spec work, free consultations and to just be thrown through the ringer for a job that a company leaves open for 9 months to a year; I am tired of the bull either we gain some regulation on jobs or this country will be headed toward being an educated third world.


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