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February 3, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Being in this changing industry

From: “Makers” – Cory Doctorow
Here’s what being a career activist
means: you are on the road most of the time. When you get on the
road, you meet people, have intense experiences with them—like
going to war or touring with a band. You fall in love a thousand
times. And then you leave all those people behind. You get off a
plane, turn some strangers into best friends, get on a plane and
forget them until you come back into town, and then you take it all
back up again.
“If you want to survive this, you’ve got to love that. You’ve
got to get off a plane, meet people, fall in love with them,
treasure every moment, and know that moments are all you have. Then
you get on a plane again and you love them forever. Otherwise,
every new meeting is sour because you know how soon it will end.


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