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February 22, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Another Job description that makes no sense

A Designer is not an Engineer

A designer is creative and interprets ideas as needed to suit the message, the audience and a theme. Engineering is the art or science of making practical application of the knowledge of pure sciences, as in construction. Engineers develop new technological solutions and build or design based strict parameters. Engineers will create the structure of a thing where an designer will take care of the visuals. Engineers work on the back-end or the inside Designers work on the front-end or the outside.

Responsibilities of UX Designer/Engineer:
–What the heck is a design/engineer “employee” which one do they want?

•Work alongside designers to understand the flows and user case stories that apply to each design for various software applications.

•Communicate any front-end challenges and iterate with designers and product owners for optimal user experience.

•Code designs using various programming languages to demonstrate how ultimate interactions will appear and function.

–Makes sense so far but the following is where it gets strange.

Requirements of UX Designer/Engineer:

•Solid Javascript

•At least 3 years’ experience with server-side languages (PHP) and JavaScript frameworks (jQuery)

–JavaScript is not a server-side language it’s interpreted at runtime.

•Experience utilizing data-driven websites and Content Management Systems

•Strong ability to handcode OOP Javascript

•Experience writing Javascript for large-scale web applications

•A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.

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A UX Designer is Different than a UI Engineer : By Jeff Solari, CEO


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