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May 23, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Electronic Music – Digital History

Damn Digital celebrates Robert Moog’s electronic accomplishments & digital music

along with “Google Doodle” celebrating Moog’s birthday.

May 23rd, marks the 78th Birthday of American, Electronic music pioneer Robert Moog. Moog was the inventor of the Moog synthesizer the best in digital music technology. Like my associate, Kevin Braithwaite, Moog studied electrical engineering. Moog’s specialty in the transfer of information via electrical impulses lead to a revolution in musical instruments and the a wider range of sounds we have in our culture today. Moog also studied physics and later went on to earn a Ph. D. in engineering physics.

Kevin Stated…
“In my eyes, Moog contributed greatly to American culture via technology, business and entertainment. “Robert Moog is one“Geek/Entrepreneur”, like myself, that I look up to.” Moog’s entrepreneurial mindset didn’t just allow him to study and take a job (to fall in social line). Moog built R.A. Moog Co. then Moog Music to manufacture and market his inventions. Much like what I am doing with my team at Damn Digital, making and marketing our own ideas and discoveries in electronics & digital technology.”

Moog said “I’m an engineer. I see myself as a toolmaker and the musicians are my customers. They use my tools.”

I am an engineer, I see myself as a visionary and ideator for the future of digital and electronic cultural contributions.

—Kevin Braithwaite, Damn Digital’s managing director, Resident Electrical Engineer & Geek/Entrepreneur & jester.

The Greats live on through Google Doodle.
Read more about why Robert Moog has inspired us here at Damn Digital


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