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July 26, 2012 / Danii Oliver

HTML 5 Video Custom Random Playlist (Beta 2.0) Update

Video.js integration

function nextVideo()
 var videoOne = document.getElementById('video1_html5_api'); 
 videoOne.setAttribute("src", path + sessionList[0]+ ".mp4");
 if (sessionList.length !== 0) {
 else if(sessionList.length === 0){
 videoOne.setAttribute("src", path + intro + ".mp4");
 videoOne.setAttribute("poster", "media/END.jpg");
 for (i=0; i<videoArray.length; i++){
 return sessionList;

Update: I found this to be a great script of connivence, however the value of having a skilled developer on hand is their ability to code for custom considerations and debugging. This script does not work for FireFox as of [FF 14.0.1]. Firefox <video> tag only supports OGV and WebM. Any cross browser codec support Video.js has/had does not work with this customization of a random playlist.
It did however, work with playing just one video. (I think: As Video.JS rewrites your html code on the fly.)


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