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August 27, 2012 / Danii Oliver

Mobile Design & Development


Part of designing for technology platforms is being flexible. Flexible to change, flexible to new developments and most of all flexible to various platforms.

Many agencies fall into their own advertising traps by believing that Apple products are the only platforms they should design for. What ended up happening in 2011 was many companies ended up having desktop websites and iPhone apps. This trend left android and blackberry mobile users underserved. Now that Windows Mobile has revamped it’s self and going for another market push it seems detrimental to a mobile users’ productivity to purchase a device that isn’t supported by large brands.

One of the things I have been pressing for and consulting with firm about is build responsive media. Flexible websites that provide optimal desktop context  alongside mobile optimized content. Many agencies you may have noticed simply  make a separate mobile site that gives consumers reduced content. For an avide mobile user being redirected is annoying. Users usually can’t get the content your looking for because the site they have been redirected to is usually a marketing landing page and not a content rich page.

Mobile is not the platform to be advertised to. Many agencies are leaning in the direction to provide great mobile advertising but the attention just isn’t there. Lets look at what mobile users are doing on their devices, texting, reading email, gaming, viewing movies, google answers to arguments and a few read books. If a user goes online it’s usually to find something (quick) not just surf as our culture has done with the desktop. Thus your limited in what and where ads can be served in mobile.

 What does a mobile optimized mean?

Most advertisers turn to native apps and games as the main ad platform on mobile. As I was mentioning before many have also created mobile marketing sites instead of an actual Mobile Optimized site. Mobile Optimized isn’t simply designing a “cool” looking page that fits on a 320px wide to 768px wide screen.  Mobile Optimized is laying out content in an “at a glance” view with readable text, easy navigation based on the hierarchy of the site and  still keeping the current content accessible.



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