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September 30, 2012 / Danii Oliver

PHP – Building for not just for Scale but for Life

When building with PHP you aren’t simply limited to building for one ridged instance. PHP always for the building of algorithms that decide what is displayed where and where under any giving circumstance. The possibilities are completely limitless.

When developing the NYTFilmClub site it wasn’t simply a redesign. The new site is laced with all kinds of algorithms that determine what displays under a given circumstance. While it could stand to be even more dynamic than it is, the sites ability to think and adapt to various conditions was limited to the time frame set aside for it.

What the site does:
The NYTFilmClub site starts off by geo-locating a user based on their IP address. It then displays content for the user’s location based on their sate. Once at the appropriate site or local view, the pages display content by category by date in a list fashion that when clicked asynchronously brings up a detailed display of the item selected.

The content displayed being the biggest and most noticeable of the dynamic features is also controlled by many smaller algorithms that determine what titles headlines advertisers and promotions should be displayed when needed or called. This site still has a few static properties to it but all that is can be made for scale with a small bit of programmed thinking.

I’d like to build a site that learns what you do and displays feedback to you each time you visit without it being polluted by advertiser content and seeming stalker like. This would allow the most relevant content – to you – to be displayed on one side while the new content you seek is still attainable without being marred by preference.


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