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December 11, 2012 / Danii Oliver

CPU vs GPU – AS3 complier options

Recently I have come across a strange glitch in an application that does one of two things, either the vector drawings have color lines coming out of them as they zoom or drawn lines become fills or draw over older lines. I have noticed that there has also been a lag in drawing from when the stylus or a user’s finger touches the screen and drags.

CPU vs GPU performance:

GPU is strictly for Bitmap or Image manipulation. No Vectors. Think of the GPU as a place where image data can be worked with quickly and easily because nothing about the image needs to be figured out.

CPU is strictly for Vector manipulation. Think of the CPU as a place where graphic data needs to be figured out or drawn based on coordinates provided before or during run-time. With each change to the graphic the CPU needs to figure out and redraw the vector mathematically.

When it comes to compiling your app think about what kind of graphic vs bitmap imagery you used. If it’s all bitmap or your used Starling compile for GPU. If you use vector graphics that will change or be manipulated compile for CPU. If you use Starling you app still has access to the GPU.


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