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November 16, 2015 / Danii Oliver


Documenting my first endeavor into Swiffy ( lazy Flash banner ad redo for HTML 5) Personally I believe that unless you don’t have access to the assets it should just be rebuilt with Greensock and JavaScript…. The code actually translates… so why not?

Here goes nothing.

Step 1:
Upload the .SWF file you exported from Flash to the Swiffy site Check the box and click the upload button.

ERROR ALERT: Caution: this conversion cannot be uploaded to AdWords or DoubleClick directly. If your SWF converts without errors, you can upload the SWF file directly to AdWords or DoubleClick, and they’ll handle the conversions for you!

If you are using this tool for eventual upload to Double Click, because of this error when uploading on the site, it is best to install the extension for Flash swiffy.1.1.1.mxp.
Download it from here
t will install with the Adobe Extension manager. Find it by opening Flash professional then navigate the menu bar Commands > Export and HTL5 (Swiffy). NOW comes the part that makes this tool a tool for Developers and not a death to Flash and HTML/JS/CSS expertise.

Step 2:
Remove the obfuscated swiffyobject code, place in an external js file for clarity sake.
Style the page as needed then run.

Level of difficulty: Low.

Level of work: Click a button


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