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April 5, 2016 / Danii Oliver

New Apps Added to Work Stack

New apps to make Waterfall workflow at agencies simple and efficient:
Nimbus – Browser extension to capture screen shots of browser content.
Firesizer – Browser ( fire fox only ) content re-sizer for desktop and mobile makes working with Nimbus to capture screen shots of pages for both mobile and desktop seamless. (right click the size on “the addon bar” in fire fox to edit size)
TinyJPG – update to TinyPNG now allows compression of .png and .jpg files.
Character Code – find codes for special characters, arrows and other for html design needs without hacks or images.
Diff Checker – Check the difference between two files without version control
Grid Calculator or Gridpak – Designing  within the Bootstrap/Foundation Col-Grid format for seamless design to development translation.  Various standard size layout available here.

Bootstrap grid basics for designers



Oh and I officially need 3 screens!

Screen 1:

Screen 2:
Skype or IM

Screen 3:
Word for Copy
Photoshop/Illustrator for Art/Design ( would need full screen when designing)


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