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July 31, 2016 / Danii Oliver

Data Integration

Technical User Experience Capabilities

Technical Capabilities for data integration include end user experience enhancement. Making digital products more dynamic through the use of data mining from XML, JSON, CSV, MySQL databases, Social Media Feeds, APIs, RSS Feeds, Geolocation IP addresses. All of which allow dynamic data use for end user applications -leveraging real-time data, to bring to life responsive and interactive applications that utilize data based on device platforms, tags, keywords, key value pairs, regular expressions, end user behavioral algorithms and live data manipulation.
Using development languages and data storage solutions, data can be mined from various sources and homogenized into application anticipated variables. Data integration can be inward flowing, taking various sources of information to bring into one hub for use. Or outwardly streamlining to keep all data up to date in various media outlets using Social Integration, CRM and CSM tools.

There are also software available that help bring together functional data from many sources to help businesses make better decisions

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