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Focus and Direction

Danii is an Interactive Digital Designer / Developer whose focuses lay in furthering the digital world of human computer interaction. Danii, a working artist of 15 years has been working with Adobe Photoshop for 14 years as well as traditional wet and contemporary digital photography. Danii has been designing for the web for 6 years, improving her skill sets from HTML and CSS to JavaScript, jQuery – jTouch, XML, ActionScript 3, PHP, SVN and MYSQL. Danii is currently learning MAYA 2011, MEL and Python in order to further delve into the world of Human Computer Interaction and the Moving Image that Danii loves so much.

Danii Oliver’s goal is to make art and film human interactive through computer and digital interfaces. Currently, Danii is exploring avenues for which to develop the world of mobile apps, multi-touch interfaces, ultra screen projections, interactive walls, kiosks and other devices as well as 3D and holographic interfaces. Danii has been on teams where she has designed layouts, edited videos and programed multi-touch kiosks for conventions using Flash, ActionScript 3, AIR, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, XML, and PHP.

Danii’s industries of choice include film, media and entertainment (sci-fi, horror, supernatural, other worldly genres), government science research, pharmaceutical and targeted advertising. Danii enjoys storytelling with a purpose, guidelines, and long hours. If she is not found coding or designing in front of a computer, she is on her iPhone reading a PDF whitepaper or in a book.

Danii is innovative, thinks both inside and outside the box and loves team play. Danii seeks to be a contributing member to a fixed team much like the team units from her favorite shows Stargate and Supernatural.

Specialties include:
Flash Interactive Design, ActionScript 3.0, Adobe AIR, Multimedia Design, HTML 5, CSS3, Web Programming, Internet Marketing, Entertainment, Gaming, Interactive Design, Horror Design, Fine Art Photography. Creative Editing, Digital Design & Oil Painting.


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