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Human Interaction

A topic that is a little different

but not off from what I hope to accomplish from this blog.
I set out to better understand computer and human interaction and while doing so document my journey. It is now the year 2011 and 2010 although better than the last two years was still quite tumulus.

Belief, not a word I use much

Let me start by stating this. Many don’t believe that people keep us going. People who have a god don’t believe that people keep us going. They have taken their faith as far out of mankind and their brethren and completely placed it in a fictitious being that another man sold them and outside themselves that they don’t even trust in mankind anymore.

They don’t even trust themselves and this to me is saddening. I would like to state that I do not follow this belief.


As a matter of fact my lack of mistrust in human kind leads me to believe that they and I are capable of so much more. It is a dis-ease that my father believes my brother and I suffer from. That we see too much potential in others. And one of my unconscious missions in life is to provide the opportunity to allow others to reach their full potential. This is a pursuit that maybe extremely fruitless.

But I digress

I wanted to say that although many don’t think that people keep us going they only LIE. I am young and people have kept me going my whole life. I have been sold lies most of my life and known that something was wrong with stories and facades I was given to live off of. But this I know in my heart to be true people do keep us going.


Rather, my thoughts are redirected toward more of an ego reaction for life for the pursuit of happiness and self empowerment and betterment. Even when people have left my life all I wanted to do was be better. The notion of stopping has grayed.


Human interaction is not a thing to taken for granted. It is more powerful and complex than we care to admit. It’s variety and complexity is the basis on which we hope to create, build, test and perfect human computer interaction.

True interaction is not as simple as touch and get “A” response. It is neither point and click nor drag and drop. These were the mind boggling leaps and bounds of my society up to 2010. I hope to make it deeper and broader than that. Albeit that the powers that be, in my time and within my limited resources do try to retard this as much as possible.

I hope to devise a pattern, though it should seem random, to this human interaction that i can build true human computer interaction off of. The effects maybe devastating but only in destroying an order of things can one truly hope to accomplish the seemingly impossible. For one I need purpose and two this pattern of pain and love suffering and reward is what keeps people going. I’d like to increase the means to experience greater human interaction through technology

The goal

I choose to take my human experience and synthesize it into a computer or technological experience for all. Whether to learn from to entertain or just to make a difference. This is the passion and mission that haunts me and the tenacity that  won’t let me stop. It challenges me to go on in a matter that others just killed or let die. This is my goal.


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